Summer is Here!

15 Jul
July 15, 2015

The summer lamb market season is in full swing. Some producers have already emptied their pens for the year, some are halfway, some are starting and some will begin later this summer/early fall. Lamb prices appear to be stronger than last year, but could always be better, right?¬†Ewes are out in pasture and some producers are getting ready to put their rams in soon, some are done breeding and some won’t put rams in until late this fall. The show season is in full swing, I think we’re about halfway through it, then it’s history and those yearling ewes will go into production.

As you can imagine, the sheep production cycle is ever changing: rarely a dull moment; always something to be learned; the promise of change with new genetics brought into your flock as you purchase breeding stock at the numerous sales, the satisfaction and peacefulness you feel as you watch your flock begin to bed down at dusk. This is part of the life of a shepherd. Lots of hard work, happy times, frustration and satisfaction-I love it, don’t you?

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