Fall Management Considerations

17 Oct
October 17, 2016
  • Lambing in January?
    • Time to pull the rams out?
    • Time to give the ewes their mid-gestation booster shot?
  • Lambing in Spring?
    • How are the rams looking?
    • Have they been sheared and are the feet trimmed?
    • Are they in good condition or should you up their feed quantity or quality a little before you put them to work?
  • Hay tends to lose its vitamins after a few months.  Adding a vitamin mix to your ewe ration this time of year can have good results.
  • Feeds you might not think of feeding your sheep but that they’ll probably love
    • Windfall apples – many days in the fall our ewes get 10-12 apples each
    • Waste pumpkins and squash.  Throw the ones you can’t use in the sheep pen so they break up.  Pretty soon the sheep will be breaking them up.