02 May


One of our goals is to assist Minnesota sheep producers and our members in the promotion of sheep products.  Welcome to this page!  We strive to provide consumers with lamb and wool products that sustain our industry, support our communities, and preserve our land and resources for future generations.

Our association had the opportunity to participate at four major events in during the past year – the Shepherd’s Holiday conference in Chaska, the Shepherds Harvest Festival at the Washington County Fairgrounds in Lake Elmo, the Faribault Woolen Mill’s 150th Anniversary Celebration in Faribault, and the Minnesota State Fair in St. Paul.   Individual farms also participated in local cooking events, county fairs, fiber festivals, and community celebrations.

All these events provide a way for our members to:

  • Provide industry related educational information.
  • To talk about lamb cooking techniques and hand out recipes, and
  • Showcase the wide variety of wool and sheep related products that are available locally,

Interested in having lamb for a meal?

kobabsUnsure how to prepare it?  There’s no reason to be intimidated.  Lamb is easy to prepare and fun to cook!  The methods for preparing it are no different than those for beef or pork. Visit the national American Lamb website (www.americanlamb.com) for lamb recipes and cooking techniques.  You can even subscribe to a free newsletter.

Looking to purchase lamb locally?

Lamb cuts are available at many local meat markets and big box grocery stores.   You can also purchase whole lamb directly from local growers.  To find minnesota grownone in your area, visit the website (www.minnesotagrown.com) co-managed by the Minnesota Department of Agriculture and the nonprofit Minnesota Grown Promotion Group.  This site is a great way to connect with local farmers who want to work with local consumers.  Be sure to sign up for the free newsletter and a published directory.  While you are on that site, you can also shop for sheep cheese, yarn, sheep pelts, and farm visit opportunities.  MLWP is a participating member of the Minnesota Grown Promotion Group.

Looking for general sheep industry information? 

Visit our national sheep industry website (www.sheepusa.org) for more information and check out other pages on this website.  Our conference in December is open to the public and members.

 Looking for wool and sheep related merchandise?

Maybe you visited our retail booth in the Dairy Building at the Minnesota State Fair and saw something you would like to purchase now.  Here’s a partial list of our merchandise – hard sole sheepskin slippers; hard sole ladies scuffs; earmuffs; sheepskin steering wheel and seatbelt covers; wool dusters; lambie stuffed toys; wool socks; earrings and key chains; knitting stitch markers; lambskin insoles; sheep shelf ornaments; baby rattles; ceramic statuary lambs; nail files with quilt/sheep photos; wooly worms; chair cushions/pet beds; wood sheep pins; and polo shirts and baseball caps with MLWP logo.  For these items or any additional assistance, please call or email our retail coordinator and Minnesota Grown representative – Sherry at grazelandsheep@gmail.com or 651-257-0827.


Some other items are available throughout the year directly from the artisans who help organize and staff the State Fair booth.  Their information is listed below; feel free to contact them directly.

  • Mill and handspun yarn; knitted hats and scarves; beaded knit shawls; handwoven wool rugs; roving; and unprocessed fleeces.   Blackberry Hills, Loretta at info@blackberryhills.com or 715-483-9434.
  • Mill and handspun yarn; upcycled wool mittens; knitted shawls; felted wool dryer balls; felted pumpkins table decorations; felted wool slippers; catnip filled wool toys; and roving.  Honey Gold Acres, Caroline at hgacres@gmail.com or 651-429-6051.
  • Upcycled adult and children wool mittens and fingerless gloves.  Bernie at bjdvorak81@hotmail.com or 952-652-2402.
  • Millspun yarn; sheepskin pelts; lanolin hand lotion; woolch (garden mulch); and roving.  Grazeland Farm, Sherry at grazelandsheep@gmail.com or 651-257-0827.