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Join us for the 2015 Shepherd’s Holiday

04 Oct
October 4, 2015
We have a great line-up of speakers and topics for experienced and beginning producers as well as fiber enthusiasts (refer to the draft agenda). Be sure to attend Friday evening’s Celebrate Lamb Social where Chef Virgil Emmert will demo 3 lamb dishes while we all enjoy sheep cheese samples and local wines. Check out the Make it With Wool fashion show, visit the trade show, and enjoy the banquet and auction. Don’t miss this great opportunity to connect with sheep enthusiasts from across Minnesota.


Make it With Wool!

10 Sep
September 10, 2015

With the change in the weather and the start of school, it has us thinking about the need to look at the fall and winter wardrobe. With that comes to mind the upcoming Make It With Wool contest. The contest is a great place to show case articles made from wool. There are beautiful garments, quilts and novelty items that are entered. The contest is open to all ages. If you are interested in participating please go to the Make It With Wool page for more information!

Baa Booth at the State Fair

29 Aug
August 29, 2015
ilovelambThe Baa Booth had a new look this year!  It was a great day to answer fair-goers questions, both to consumers and producers, and even good discussions with prospective new producers.  There is still a lot of interest in both lamb and wool.  Plenty of educational info and demonstrations happened over the fair days.  Many recipes and cooking info from the American Lamb Board were taken home.  And, we were still applying “I Love Lamb” tattoos to smiling faces.
championramMLWPA also was a sponsor to the Supreme Champion Ram and Ewe.

Managing Livestock Loss to Predators Workshop

11 Aug
August 11, 2015

Predator–Livestock Conflict Management Workshop: Using Non-lethal Methods Effectively

Learn about

• Practical uses of many non-lethal methods to prevent or reduce depredation losses
• Animal husbandry methods that can protect livestock
• Minnesota’s depredation compensation programs

This workshop will provide information and demonstrations on the science and practical use of non-lethal methods to protect livestock from predators.

Contact Info: 218-327-3350 or

Summer is Here!

15 Jul
July 15, 2015

The summer lamb market season is in full swing. Some producers have already emptied their pens for the year, some are halfway, some are starting and some will begin later this summer/early fall. Lamb prices appear to be stronger than last year, but could always be better, right? Ewes are out in pasture and some producers are getting ready to put their rams in soon, some are done breeding and some won’t put rams in until late this fall. The show season is in full swing, I think we’re about halfway through it, then it’s history and those yearling ewes will go into production.

As you can imagine, the sheep production cycle is ever changing: rarely a dull moment; always something to be learned; the promise of change with new genetics brought into your flock as you purchase breeding stock at the numerous sales, the satisfaction and peacefulness you feel as you watch your flock begin to bed down at dusk. This is part of the life of a shepherd. Lots of hard work, happy times, frustration and satisfaction-I love it, don’t you?