2017 ASI Convention – Industry Tours

17 Feb
February 17, 2017

     Several industry tours were available for us in the Denver area.  Because if Denver’s climate, it is very suitable for feedlots, and then of course, processing plants too.  There are several processors in the Denver – Greeley area for both lamb and beef, and numerous feedlots.  Superior Farms and Mountain States both offered tours. 

     The 2 lamb feedlots toured were Harper Livestock, and Double J Lamb Feeders.  Harper Livestock (pictured) has 50+ pens available, with most pens capacity at 1900 lambs, and total capacity of approx. 80,000 lambs!   Their current inventory was approx. 46,000 lambs, mostly western range lambs (see pic).  They were currently bringing in lambs from the California Imperial Valley alfalfa fields.  

     We also toured Nugget International, where approx. 4500 pelts are received daily from processors, graded, salted, dried and readied for shipping typically in large bales.  (See warehouse pic of bales).